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My name is Tina Smith.
December 18, 2007, 4:29 pm
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Geno’s, located at 625 Congress Street, was under fire for several noise complaints from local residents. The possibility of their entertainment license being revoked was on the table last night–after hearing various testimonies, City Councilor Jill Duson asked for an amendment that, rather than revoke the license, would instead require Geno’s to put in double-doors to better sound-proof the entrance.

Our own Tina Smith testified at the hearing!

My name is Tina Smith,

Good evening Mayor Suslovik and city councilors,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak about Geno’s tonight. As the Community Organizer for the League of Young Voters, one of my main tactics is to meet young people where they are at. Many nights this means I am networking with and supporting Portland’s great musicians, artists and creative economy.
Geno’s runs a disciplined Rock Club. Geno’s is a very important venue for our creative economy. Almost nightly local and national acts come to Geno’s to share their talents and many people in Portland get to enjoy this great venue. Geno’s location plays a crucial role on Congress Street as it is right in the middle of Portland’s arts corridor. The location is even more special because Geno’s sits in the only entertainment district in the whole state of Maine.

Geno’s is a Rock Club and yes it is going to make noise. Geno’s is in the heart of Portland where there is noise almost 24 hours a day. From what I have seen, Geno’s owners and managers have been responsive to the neighborhood and have taken steps to check noise levels. From what I’ve heard they even have a noise meter machine that they use often.

That being said, I have compassion for the residents who live around Geno’s. I think there are sensible and practical solutions for everyone without denying their entertainment license.

Thanks for listening and let’s keep our creative economy growing!


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Tina: it was great to see you step up to the mic

Your comments were clear, balanced and effective. Hope to see you again .

Comment by Jill

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