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Talk About Movement Building… by Jenna Vendil
March 26, 2008, 4:51 pm
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Us progressives like to talk a lot about “movement building”. So when rivalries between the Clinton and Obama camp get more tense as the campaign moves forward, why doesn’t it raise a red flag to the rest of us?

Especially when a recent Gallup Poll shows that a large number of Democrats would vote overwhelmingly for McCain if their favored candidate doesn’t win the primary.

Sure, I have my preferences for one candidate versus another because Obama and Clinton have different positions and stances on issues I care about. They also have different styles of leadership. That doesn’t mean that I think either one is worse than McCain. In fact, since McCain has shed his underdog image to becoming the Republican Party’s rising star, making huge gains in the primaries and effectively securing the nomination, he’s drawing himself further to the right to secure the Conservative vote.

My biggest fear is that 2008 will become another 1968, where liberals and progressives became so entrenched in their support for candidates (albeit that had very differing positions on the war and the cultural divide) that it broke the party for the next thirty years. This year we have an opportunity to strengthen our common goals and fight collectively on issues that we share a part of. It doesn’t mean that we can’t be critical; it also doesn’t mean that we can’t push for our electeds and our candidates to be more accountable to our issues. It does mean that we become smarter and more strategic about this upcoming election… Regardless of who the Democratic nominee is, we also work to ensure we elect someone whom we can work with for the next 8 years.


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