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The PTS passes! – by Hilary Frenkel
August 4, 2009, 4:45 pm
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The Peninsula Transit Study passed unanimously by the City Council tonight! After sitting through a very lengthy discussion about the difference between a liquor license and an entertainment license, and the policy that goes along with deciphering between the two, I thought we would never get to the vote. I did learn, however, that ‘Naked Shakespeare’ is simply Shakespeare without costumes and is not nearly as provocative as it sounds.

But alas, the time came for item 10 on the agenda and Felicia Teach, Hilary Frenkel and Stephen Scharff, all dazzled with “Pass The Peninsula Transit Study” stickers, made comments in support of the study. We reminded the Council that passage was great, but without implementation it meant nothing. They also heard about the strong need for better bus routes with more stops to accommodate people’s needs.

There was only one testimony against the study by a man who felt that the passage of the study would mean an effort to eliminate roads and all single occupancy vehicles (SOV’s).

When it came time for the Council comments, Councilor John Anton clarified that this study would do no such thing. It would simply level the playing field, giving no mode of transportation priority, but giving each fair and equal resources. And Councilor Kevin Donoghue eased our worries about implementation by giving examples of parts of the plan that have already been implemented. He also assured us that the Transportation Committee has already outlined their plan for the rest of the legislative year.

The Councilors all seemed quite honored to be given the opportunity to vote on this study. Councilor Dan Skolnik gave credit to The League of Young Voters for doing such great work on this issue. He also gave props to Councilor Donoghue for spearheading the committee and making this happen.

The victory is ours. Now we need to make sure the City is held accountable to the implementation so our win matters. Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this!


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